How to Install WordPress and Setup Database – part 1

Hi, in this post Im going to show you how to install WordPress and setup a database locally.

Basically we are going to create a blog.

1.- Download the MAMP

2.- Install the downloaded MAMP application in your laptop:

3.- Nice then click to “Start” in other to star the server:

4.- Then Click on “WebStart” to start the server services and a browser window will be open automatically in my case the browser URL is:


5.- Now in our case we need to create a Database to save all our WordPress blog content and configuration, so let’s use MySQL

6.- Click on phpMyAdmin link and you will see how automatically another window browser will be open, in my case the path is


7.- Then let’s create our Database

8.- Nice, set a table name like this:

9.- Once we created the Database this will be showed in the left side menu:

Nice, good job! let’s check the next post where we are going to continue with the second part “Installing WordPress

By Cristina Rojas.