What is Apache Cassandra?

Hi, Apache Cassandra is Not SQL Database that are more flexible for handle a lot of data.

Not SQL types

  • Key-Value: Databases that are similar to a dictionary because I have a key and a bunch of values.
  • Column Family: This type of database hold the data in columns instead of rows. Note: Cassandra is from this type of family.
  • Graph DB: This type of database is former by nodes and edges, the relations between nodes are former by nodes, and we can hold data in nodes and edges.
  • Document: This hold data in document form, like for example: In JSON then the data will be very flexible.

Apache Cassandra

Was created in 2008 initialized by Facebook and then it become to be part of Apache as open source mode. Apache Cassandra is inspired in Dynamo and Google BigTable.

Main features:
  • Is a distributed database: we will have our distributed servers.
  • Linearly scalable: As son we increment the nodes then operations will be incremented.
  • Don’t follow slaves patterns: This means that if a node goes down then my service will be continue because I have other node that will be support my service.
  • Do not permit horizontal scalability.
  • Is fault tolerant: means that nodes are replicated.
  • Use a CQL language that is very similar a SQL.
  • Could be repeated in every data center.

By Cristina Rojas.