Part 1 Testing React Applications – Environment

Hi, the first thing that we need is prepare our environment for test react applications. 

So we need to install Node.JS, so go to en download Node.js

Also we need to have a code editor, in my case I have atom

For now, we are going to use the redux code examples (because some react components are already created).

So go to redux repository and download or clone the repository

For now we will be using todos examples – redux/examples/todos/

so you can copy the “todos” folder and put it into your projects folders, then we need to open the terminal and go to “todos” folder and run the next commands:

➜  todos git:(master) npm install

Then run:

➜  todos git:(master) npm start

Then you will see this message

That means that your project will be running in this url and port http://localhost:3000/

You will see this UI:

You can testing the UI adding todos, clicking the buttons [All], [Active], [Completed].

Ok for now we complete the part 1 of testing react applications, I will publish the part 2 of this course.