10 habits that successful people have before bed

Hi, it is true that successful people do certain things before going to sleep.

The intention is prepare your mind to sleep, the productive people understand that sleeping is a very important thing to be productive. We must prepare to rest so that our mind performs successfully. Sleep is the stage of repairing the whole body but also the mind and we don’t give it its importance in fact we have very bad sleeping habits like: We turn on the TV, we are on the cell phone, we send the last tweet, we leave the sound of cell phone notifications active at night, we go to the bathroom, etc. So, we need to fix this in that way we can increment our productivity.

For example, almost every night before going to bed I check facebook, I’m seeing what to buy online and these are bad habits.

Very successful people like bill gates or Obama use some pre-sleep rituals as a predisposition to productivity and alignment of their mind. And there are 10 things that in theory very successful people do all of them, not just some, but they do all of them. And although it sounds a little strange this will take you almost an hour and a half before sleeping.

1.- Successful people read before bed

Read books no eBooks, because the cellphone light or tablets generate alerts in your brain. Reading disconnects you from your reality, from business things, from your agenda and takes you to a fantastic world. 

You have to read, but you have to read things that are not related to your work, like: poetry, the bible, novels whatever you want, but nothing related to your work.

If you already have this habit, congratulations!

2.- Successful people stop thinking about their work before bed

This point is very important, some people get it by reading, etc. but keep in mind that the bed is used to sleep and to have sex that’s, not even to read because the ideal is that you read sitting (chair or couch), not even to eat, the only people that used the bed to eat was the Romans.

3.- Successful people disconnect from the digital world completely before bed

Some examples will be turn off the cellphone but I know this will be very difficult so one of the things you can do is that when you go to sleep the the cell phone should be outside your bedroom, not even having television, tablets in your bedroom is good. Studies have shown that people who use cell phones before sleeping cause difficulties in sleep.

There are currently 2 syndromes called  FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and the Phantom vibration syndrome.

The FOMO syndrome is this the feeling of seeing your friends on social networks and you not being there with them and the Phantom vibration syndrome is the perception that one’s mobile phone is vibrating or ringing when it is not, so we have to stop a little to these 2 syndromes that can affect our calm state.

Sleeping less than 5 hours is not convenient and if you add the estimation that you provoke with these digital devices before sleeping this is very bad, because you are not sleeping well and you are not resting.

To end this point when we use digital devices before sleeping, our brain decodes the light and says: oh! it’s daytime we have to be active. This amount of light stimulates our central nervous system and the brain interprets it as being day instead of night interrupting your circadian rhythm.

Nice, I will continue with the next part in the next post. 

Source: Martha Debayle

By Cristina Rojas.