Types of test

Let’s talk about the different types of test in this post.

Unit test

This type of test – tests one unit of code in insolation, which is often a function or a react component.

Integration test

Tests how multiple units work together, so test the interaction between units (components) or the interaction between Microservices.

Functional test

Tests a particular function of software, we are testing behavior in every function.

Acceptance / End-to-end (E2e) test

This type of test use actual browser and server (Cypress, Selenium or other).

Functional testing

Here the different mindset from unit testing:

Unit testing Isolated: mock dependencies, test internals.

  • Very easy to pinpoint failures.
  • Further from how user interact with software.
  • More likely to break with refactoring.

Functional testing include all relevant units, test behavior.

  • Close to how users interact with software.
  • Robust test.
  • More difficult to debug failing test.

By Cristina Rojas.