DevOps vs Developer

Hi, in this post we are going to see the difference between a DevOps and a Developer.

I had the question about DevOps because in the actuality is very mentioned and also if you search jobs in LinkedIn about DevOps you will see a lot of published jobs:

Ok, First let see what is a Developer to see the differences between both:


A developer is somebody that develops (build) applications, examples of applications will be: facebook, Spotify, YouTube, Gmail..etc.

A developer can be the “Front end person” that develops the visual part of the application or can be the “Back end person” who develop the communication of the application with other applications and this person usually works in the data side (databases).

So a developer need to be strong in computers programming skills like: Java, Javascript, Databases, SQL, Python, HTML, CSS, UX, etc.

Software developer

The average of the salary for a developer is:
180K USD per year.

DevOps Engineer

DevOps means Developer Operations, have the ability to create, deploy and manage the applications that are been produced.

Deploy” (is the way to make up (upload) an application in a particular environment, e.g. production) is very famous because the cloud computing, so a DevOps engineer is in charge of deploy those applications and manage them, ensure that the application is successful in the environments.

A DevOps is very useful because he have code skills and know how how the application is created and have the ability to fix the application is something happen, he is able to change, upgrade, modify the application. Be aware to have very strong skills on technical programming.

The perfect structure will be if we have a Developer engineer, Cloud computing expert and a deployment expert (DevOps will be in this area) in that way all can collaborate as a team.

But remember that a DevOps also have the ability to code and understand the application code.

Skills that a DevOps needs: will be understand different languages like Javascript, python, C, C++, C#, SQL and launch an application into a cloud computing system.

The average of the salary for a DevOps is: 130K USD per year.

By Cristina Rojas.